Modern Art flats, minimalist villas with pool, Gothic style apartments, neoclassical mansions, Olympics' penthouses and duplex...overlooking the city, the Mediterranean Sea or the mountains, close to public transportation or completely isolated, with garden or with urban terrace, next to parks, museums, universities or sports areas.

Barcelona is a city to look after her. Its buildings and neighborhoods as well. There is a reason to be one of the most visited and admired cities in the world. Cradle of Modern Art, capital of the surrealism, in the city center there are lots of Modern Art Style charming flats. The medieval town is home to the largest Gothic quarter in Europe, so we can find magnificent Gothic houses with courtyards or architectural elements with some centuries of history. The upper part of the city includes quiet neighborhoods of large properties with gardens. The higher, the better views. The 1992 Olympic Games changed the waterfront, where there are now 7 kilometers of urban beaches. Housing where athletes stayed, with old fishermen quarters and modern skyscrapers.

The surroundings of Barcelona are also to look after them. Its forests and mountains as well, and its beaches, to enjoy them. The area known as Area Verda covers all the natural parks around the city. Old romantic houses or contemporary ones, placed in the mountains or at the sea. Green or blue.

GALA 巴塞罗那 provides homes for everyone, in the city of Barcelona and also in the best surrounding areas of Barcelona, at reasonable prices. But in case of not finding the property you are looking for, GALA 巴塞罗那 will search it for you all over.

Furthermore, GALA CONSULTANTS is conducting two more business ventures: GALA  (GALA ISLANDS) and GALA 世界 (GALA WORLD).

GALA  offers a distinguished selection of properties for sale located in the Spanish islands (Balearic and Canary Islands), for various budgets, which are attractive to investors because of its location, its gardens and private swimming pools, sea or volcanoes views, or simply for its architectural quality and uniqueness.

Our latest project, GALA 世界, offers to investors a small selection of international real estate products for sale, located throughout the world, noted for its historical and artistic content and because of an excellent relationship between price and architectural quality. All these properties are especially selected by our international property consultant in real estate.

The purchasing process in Spain: summary.