GALA 巴塞罗那 proposes various different professional services for the city of Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area:

REAL ESTATE SERVICES: We offer a wide selection of properties for sale at the same prices than in Spain. These range from modernist flats to contemporary villas with gardens and pools; from medieval apartments to properties of all styles and for investors with all levels of purchasing power, both in Barcelona and in some of its most important surrounding areas. We also offer a property finding service for anywhere in Spain according to the needs and budget of the investor ("Agent purchase services").

TOURIST SERVICES: In association with VISH TRAVEL CONSULTANTS, we also offer the opportunity to stay in historic apartments and in the best boutique-hotels in the city of Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area. We also offer gastronomic tours in the most prestigious restaurants of the moment (Can Roca Route, considered the best restaurant in the world in 2013), cultural tours (Dali-Gala Route), leisure tours (private cruises to Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza), and finally, shopping tours (La Roca Village, The Golden Mile and Andorra, with the option of hiring a personal shopper). We also provide an Airport Shuttle Service, Barcelona tourist routes chosen by the investor, and Chinese tour guides.

LEGAL SERVICES: In association with A&A LAW FIRM, we offer a full legal advice service: applications for Spanish tourist visas; advice about financing to purchase a property; assistance from lawyers in the buying process; rental advice; applications for non-profit temporary residence visas and for residence visa for the investor, and if necessary, applications for a working permit and Spanish Social Security card. We also provide other legal services.

GALA 岛 offers a distinguished selection of properties for sale located in the Spanish Balearic and Canary Islands, for various budgets. These properties are attractive to investors because of their location, their gardens and private swimming pools, their sea or mountain views, or simply for their architectural quality and uniqueness. We also provide full legal advice and other legal services, in association with A&A LAW FIRM.

GALA 世界 offers investors a small selection of international real estate properties for sale, located across the globe. They are noted for their historical and artistic features and for an excellent balance between price and architectural quality. In some cases we can provide international legal advice, according to the National Law of the country where the property is located.