GALA CONSULTANTS offers Chinese investors the opportunity to purchase exclusive properties in Barcelona and its surrounding Metropolitan Area (through its business project called GALA 巴塞罗那), and also in the Balearic and Canary Islands (through its project GALA ), at the same prices than in Spain, in both cases with complete legal security. We are therefore offering a complete legal advice service from lawyers and also the chance to enjoy various upscale tourist services.

Starting from now, GALA CONSULTANTS also offers Chinese investors the opportunity to acquire international properties, noted for their historical and artistic value and the excellent balance between price and quality, through its latest project called GALA 世界.

Our mission is to give investors peace of mind by providing legal security in their transactions. Our professional activity essentially takes place in Barcelona (Spain), where we commercialise most of our real estate products and offer our legal services. We have also developed a consultancy in real estate investments in the city of Shanghai. This allows us to work directly in the country of the investor and fulfil our tax obligations in China, contributing to the economic growth in the investor’s country.

We have decided to set up a Chinese company based in Shanghai, the economic capital of China, in order to be close to the investors, so they can make their investments more economically; bringing benefits to investors and to us, and we've got it in two ways:

- If our company were a Spanish company, the Chinese investor would pay 21% more for our fees as real estate investment consultants than if we were a Chinese company. This is because the investor would pay V.A.T. (Value Added Tax), a Spanish tax on invoices issued by Spanish companies for the provision of professional services.

If our company were a Spanish company, the same professional service we offer would cost the investor 21% more through paying taxes (V.A.T.) declared in Spain. But, as we are a Chinese company, the investor saves 21% on taxes on the payment of our fees.

- Real Estate and investment consultancies in Spain usually add their fees to the sale price of the property, and this makes the final price increase.

Instead of increasing the final sales price with our fees, our objective is to try to understand professional real estate products that we offer in China, to agree the sales price with the owner depending on the area, the type of property and its features. We therefore agree a reduction in the sales price with the owners in order to be more competitive for the Chinese market. Sometimes this discount can reach up to 20% on the original sales price.

Throughout, we help investors to save 21% on VAT when they pay our professional fees, and with a reduction of up to 20% on the original sales price of real estate products, sometimes we manage to offer real estate investments in China which are 25% cheaper for investors.

There are many reasons to invest in real estate in Barcelona. You can also find many reasons to invest in the Spanish islands. The Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Catalonia are the three most important tourist destinations in Spain. Millions of European tourists visit the Spanish islands every year. Many foreigners have a second property in the islands, and some are year-round residents. The Canary Islands, easily accessible by plane from Barcelona, are desired for their subtropical climate, giving mild weather all year long. The island of Lanzarote, like the island of Menorca in the Balearics, has the status of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. These three major tourist destinations in Spain still continue to grow, and year after year receive more and more business from tourism. Their economy is dynamic, so investing in the Balearics or the Canary Islands will also be a great investment when buying a good property at a good price. Our commitment is to offer these properties.

Investors from all over China will find us offering our real estate products in major property exhibitions held around the country. In fact, in 2014 they may find us in the prestigious LPS Fair, where we will present our most impressive and exclusive properties in Beijing in May, and in Shanghai in December (

GALA CONSULTANTS is a company that hires local real estate property consultants with specialised knowledge of their own city, both in Barcelona and Shanghai. It hires Chinese young professionals in both cities to provide investors with an excellent professional service, making them feel comfortable while being served, both in China and Spain, by professionals of their own nationality and in their own language.