► One of the major international cities.

► Host to prestigious international universities and excellent medical centres.

► Current opportunities to acquire high quality homes at reasonable prices with complete legal security.

► Spanish residence permit is now available for a real estate investment of €500,000 or more.

► Excellent costal location and pleasant warm weather throughout the year.


Barcelona, ​​capital of Catalonia, is the Mediterranean's largest city and the second largest in Spain. Its Metropolitan Area (MA) has a population of over 5 million, across 4,000 km2. It is the 6th most populous urban Area in the European Union, and it is famous for hosting the Summer Olympics in 1992.

Today, from the economic, tourist, commercial and sports' points of view, it is one of the greatest centres in the world. Its influence in business, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts contributes to its status as one of the major international cities. It is the 4th most economically powerful city in terms of GDP in the European Union, and the 35th in the world. In 2009, Barcelona's trademark was considered the 3rd best in Europe and one of the most successful in the world. It is also considered the 4th best European city for business: the Barcelona Fair is the second largest and most important in Europe after Milan's. Equipped with prestigious universities and international schools, it is one of the most important health centres in Europe. An important transport hub due to El Prat International Airport, its commercial port and cruises terminal, and thanks to high speed train connections between France and Spain. Today, Barcelona is one of the most admired and visited cities in the world: in 2013 it was the 5th most explored city, just behind Paris, New York, London and Rome.

From a real estate perspective, it is now the right time to purchase a property in Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area. In 2006, Spain saw a profound real estate crisis, which worsened in 2008. In that year, property prices in Spain reached their highest peak, but after that year they began to drop. From the bubble we have passed to a period of real estate opportunities. As a result of the current economic situation in Spain, we can now find high quality properties at reasonable prices in Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area. It is, therefore, the best moment to purchase. In fact, since 2012, international investors have started to acquire properties, not only residential but also commercial, in Barcelona and other parts of Spain (mainly Madrid and its Metropolitan Area). Therefore it is expected that property prices, at least in Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area, will freeze or will rise moderately due to growing international demand.

In Spain, private property is owned forever, and it is transmitted between heirs, unlike China, where only a sort of surface right is granted because the ground will always be owned by the Chinese government, thus it is controlled by the Chinese State. 

The legal situation has changed since 29 September 2013 with the enforcement of the Spanish "Ley 14/2013, de 27 de septiembre, de apoyo a los emprendedores y su internacionalización". Since then, when foreign investors buy properties in Spain, with a total investment of €500,00 or more, they have the right to apply for a residence permit in Spain. In addition, if they are granted a residence permit in Spain, they will be allowed to stay in any country that is part of the European Union. It may appear that they cannot acquire social rights through the “residence visa for investors”, however, providing certain requirements are met, through the appropriate legal procedures, investors could acquire social rights. These rights could include access to healthcare in Spain and in any other country in the European Union (or Switzerland) with a valid EHIC card.

The final reasons to invest in Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area include its mild climate, its geographical location, and its enviable environment. Barcelona is a gateway to Europe from Spain and vice versa. Surrounded by forests and mountains and situated by the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys a blue sky all year round, with pure, fresh air, and beautiful beaches with clear water. You could enjoy a very sunny climate that is the envy of other Europeans and people worldwide. Barcelona is considered one of the cities with the highest quality of life. The famous Balearic Islands, some one of the most important tourist spots in the world, are within short distance and can be reached by plane or boat. The Balearic Islands are a popular destination for the international jet setter, especially the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, where many international celebrities have a second residence. The island of Menorca stands out as a natural paradise and was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993. The island of Formentera, the smallest, is a haven for relaxing, with spectacular beaches of fine white sand and turquoise sea. Moreover, Barcelona is just over 100km from the French border and the Pyrenees Mountains that separate France and Spain. There are some peaks at over 3,000 meters above sea level. Also nearby is Andorra, a small sovereign country that is famous for shopping, its ski resorts and its financial sector, still advocated to bank secrecy.